Dolby Makes A Video Monitor?!?

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A few months back Figaro Media was fortunate enough to produce a marketing video for one of Dolby Lab’s lesser known products – the Dolby Pro Reference Monitor 4200. This is one of the cooler products that they make (and they make some pretty sweet stuff).  We interviewed several Dolby execs and engineers and spoke with many of the initial beta testers including:

  • Ron Burdett, GM of Data & Film DI Restoration – Laser Pacific
  • Bob Wilson, Director of Engineering – The Post Group
  • Bill Feightner, CTO – EFILM Digital Laboratories
  • Lou Levinson, Senior Colorist – Laser Pacific

Now, what sets this monitor apart from any of the other run of the mill, color accurate monitors?  Here’s a video that hopefully answers that question:

Dolby Labs PRM-4200 Launch Video

Dizzy Feet PSA’s Officially Launched

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Long time client Hit Entertainment recently worked with Figaro Media to produce, edit and composite “Dancing with the Stars” host Carrie Ann Inaba and “So You Think You Can Dance” stars Nigel Lythgoe and Adam Shankman into the animated world of “Angelina Ballerina”.

The public service announcements are part of a campaign for the Dizzy Feet Foundation founded in 2009 by Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Katie Holmes to support, improve, and increase access to dance education in the United States.

Filmed on a RED MX in Los Angeles at Source Film Studios.  Here are the finished pieces:

Carrie Ann PSA

Nigel and Adam PSA

Also – here’s a link to Dizzy Feet’s website for anyone interested.

DSLR For Video 1st Impressions

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Recently I jumped on the Canon 5D band wagon. I had an opportunity to try out a Canon 5D and 7D side by side at an Andrew Tinker concert. It was an interesting test. Read more »

Kilroy Show Pilot is Finished

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The post production process for the pilot is finally finished. Several weeks of editing, mixing and color grading went into the project and the talents of everyone involved really shine through. Read more »

Compressor Virtual Clusters

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Anyone out there using Final Cut Studio 2 needs to read this post.

If you have any of the Intel based Mac products and want to get a little bit more oomph out of Compressor all you have to do is setup a virtual cluster. Read more »